I want you bad boys to tell me what you’d do to me if I was all yours ;)

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I need someone to be my master. To fuck me so hard I cant walk. To fill me up with their cum

I want you to message me your biggest sexual fantasies. Describe how you would fuck my small fragile body

I’d love if someone would describe to me how they’d like to have sex? Especially rough and forceful sex :*

So fucking horny.

Kik me @that_skank or message me here on tumblr :3 pics and videos would be much appreciated.

Fuck I’m so horny. Nudes please? ;D

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Guys, I’m so fucking done with giving a shit. My boyfriend says we need to take a break. So we’re taking a fucking break. I’m glad we haven’t technically split, but is doesn’t know how long the break will be, or if it’ll even end ad his whore mother just thinks we ought to split.

A Quick Notice

I might not post within the.upcoming weeks much. I might not post at all…I’m sort of…going through something and I don’t know if I’ll live through it.


I don’t know if you realize, but the reason a lot of girls don’t shave they’re pubic hair is cause of many reasons.

1: We cut ourselves easily. Seriously, it fucking hurts. We try to get a good shave and instead we get a blood bath.

2: The fucking stubble itches our vagina. And being girls, we can’t just scratch our vagina’s in public like you men can scratch your balls without too much thought.

3: It takes so much fucking time and effort. Seriously. It takes like, half an hour at least.

Now, I’m gonna tend to ny cut pelvic region/vagina

In the mean time, go try and shave your dick. Cut it and tell me if You’re gonna shave down there for a while.