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What sex positions do you think me and my boyfriend should try?

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Message me. I’m so wet right now.

Truth be told

I was a virgin until yesterday. Yesterday was the first time I got fucked. It hurts at first then it felt so fucking good after.


So, I gave my boyfriend a hand job today, mkay? Well, for one, I heard him moan, which was thrilling to me, and today I decided not to swallow,and I moved his shirt.up a bit so it wouldn’t get on the shirt, and trust me, cum on shirts, sticks to your skin and dries, fucking glue. Anyways, point being, I quite enjoyed hearing him moan and actually see his warm sticky cum shoot onto my hand and his stomach.

Honestly, sometimes swallowing isn’t all that good, compared to having him cum on you/him. Sure, it’s more messy, but no big deal.

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Please send me more messages, nudes, fanmail, and stuff you’d like to do with me. Please? <3 I’m so horny

topjames2 said: what is your deepest darkest sexual fantasy?

Group fucking consisting of my boyfriend fucking my pussy, my bestie fucking my ass, and maybe even my “big brother” switching spots with my boyfriend occasionally, either that or having to suck my big brother’s cock. (Not my biological brother, but a friend that’s like a big brother)

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Kik me what you want to do to me. Whether it’s using me like the cum dumpster whore I am, a rape fantasy, bondage, or even incest! Just tell me what you want to do to tear my skanky body up.

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I want to grind on a guys dick, feeling it slide past my vagina and clit for a while until finally I get pinned to the bed, choked and fucked like a little whore. Is that too much to ask? Inbox me.